Our Mission

Bringing together, promoting and assisting heritage & historical organizations located in Southeastern Ontario, Canada.

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The Bastard and South Burgess Heritage Society began in 1995. It is a non-profit organization that promotes an awareness of the historical past of the area. We have an annual meeting and have information meetings, guest speakers, boat and bus tours and have published books. We are compiling authentic records, pictures and folklore of those who pioneered the land, in order to share the information with the community.

A digital file of over 6,000 heritage pictures is available.  We have some books on local history available, such as Diane Haskins ‘My Own Four Walls’;  ‘They Ate What?’ by Joyce Gunnewiek, covering some pioneer recipes and the stories about the recipes; and Doug Bond’s ‘Perspectives on a Wedge of Cheddar’ about the past and present of the cheese way of life here in North Leeds.

There are also collections of local poetry available for purchase.

Some great sources of historical info about Bastard Township are  the books ‘The Rideau Canal and its Corridor’ by Patrick J. McManus;  ‘Bluebloods and Rednecks – Discord and Rebellion’ by Charles D. Anderson;  ‘By the Labour of Their Hands – the Story of Ontario Cheddar Cheese’ by Heather Menzies and ‘The Irish in Ontario’ by Donald Harmon Akenson.

Contact: Joyce Gunnewiek at 613-359-5071
E-mail: gunnfarm@rideau.net