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Bringing together, promoting and assisting heritage & historical organizations located in Southeastern Ontario, Canada.

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Leeds County Heritage Network Meeting
Lansdowne, November 10, 2011

Patrick McMaster, Bill Boulton, Molly Sorensen, Pierre Mercier, and Erika Heesen.

Discussion: confirmation of participation in the LCHN brochure

There was a good overall response via email regarding participating in the LCHN brochure, to be printed next year. Organizations who have not yet responded will be put on the draft version of the brochure, until they have confirmed. Invoices and draft version of the brochure will be sent out to member organizations of the LCHN in December.

Pierre will mention this at the Doors Open meeting coming up.

Discussion: networking event

It was decided that the event should be mutually beneficial to all groups involved in the LCHN. Molly
suggested that someone from outside the area would be good. It was decided that something in the
area of genealogical/cultural tourism would likely be of broadest appeal. Possible suggestions included someone from Carleton’s Public History program or Queen’s. Pierre will investigate speakers for this event, to take place in early spring.

Heritage Talk/LCHN Site Recap
Patrick: Heritage Talk has been quiet lately. There are a number of good photographs from the brochure distribution tour to go on the website directory.

Other business:
Patrick: LTIPL and RLPL have been working on social media outreach. LCHN could have a Facebook and Twitter presence, with LCHN members sending information to one person to put online. Could be a great portal for social outreach.

Molly: The Coach House is holding an 1812 celebration around the Village Fair weekend. Mallorytown
also hired Brian of Outcraft Services to make an interpretive sign for the Glassworks because of a
conversation with Pierre (due to the LCHN!).

Pierre: upcoming event, Seedy Saturday, at Springfield House on Jan. 28 from 1-3. Will be a seed
exchange and a speaker on heritage seeds.

It was decided that daytime meetings might be better for our members, particularly in wintertime.

Next Meeting: Wednesday, January 25, 2012, 2pm at the Mallory Coach House.