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Bringing together, promoting and assisting heritage & historical organizations located in Southeastern Ontario, Canada.

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Leeds County Heritage Network (LCHN) Meeting
Wednesday, March 7, 2012 at 2pm at the Elgin Community Room
Present: Erika Heesen, Patrick McMaster, Pierre Mercier, Myrtle Johnston, Molly Sorenson, Barb Morrison, Jacklyn Brady, Diane Haskins, Doug Bond, Sue Warren

Jan Bonhomme, Executive Director of the 1812 Bicentennial Alliance & the Eastern Ontario Event Resource Center (www.celebrate 1812.ca)

The aims of the Alliance are to:
• create a legacy of event resources,
• instill pride in history with a focus on living history
• educate our youth
• engage, enrich, & entertain
• showcase heritage sites
Currently producing a map of the river with sites marked along the river. Very good for Eastern Ontario. If you have a major community event related to 1812, let Jan know by the end of the week.

The Alliance can help you:
• Find funds (the Alliance is not a funding agency)
• Market & promote you (must relate to 1812)
• Can distribute information through the education committee to the schools.
• Can list upcoming 1812 related events on their website
•can also book one of the 1812 travelling trunks using website

Eastern Ontario Event Resource Center
Will be open in May & currently located in Elgin. Many items available for events, including games, fencing, loudspeakers, etc. at very reasonable rental prices.
If an organization decides to contribute equipment to the Resource Center, they will get 50% off the rental prices. They will also always have access to their own equipment on the dates that they need it, & have it stored for free.
The Center is also be offering event training. See www.celebrate1812.ca.

LCHN brochure update
We are waiting on one organization to order the brochure, but the order will go in by the end of this week.
Jan offered to include the LCHN brochure in bags going to area schools. Erika said we could spare 1000 brochures, & still have 475 brochures (as opposed to 525) per organization/site. LCHN members present agreed that this was a good idea, & agreed to give 1000 brochures to Jan.
Jan also mentioned 1000 Islands/Valley Heartland Community Futures fund as a possible future source of funding for printing of LCHN brochure, particularly as we cover a regional area.

Networking event & recruitment of volunteers/committee (Pierre)
Pierre would like to have a speaker come for a LCHN networking event, & would like to contact people with Carleton’s Center for Public History. The Ontario Heritage Trust Conference is also this June in Kingston. Please contact Pierre if you have any particular ideas or if you are able to assist in planning this event.

LCHN Site Redesign – Spring (Patrick)
The LCHN site (www.leedsheritage.ca) has been rebranded to match our brochures, & member information will continue to be added to the site. Patrick has also created a Twitter account for the LCHN (@LeedsHeritage or www.twitter.com/leedsheritage). If you have any events you would like posted, please send them to info@leedsheritage.ca.
Erika will also post events on the Archives Facebook/Twitter pages.
Future developments for the website include a calendar where organizations can login & add their own events.

Doug asked about QR Codes for the brochure, & Patrick said we don’t have a real purpose for it in the current brochure, but we should consider initiatives using QR codes in future.

Discussion: What are your plans for the coming year (2012)?
Molly Sorenson (Mallory Coach House)
• The Coach House is putting on a series of historical talks by Brian Phillips:
March: The History of LaRue Mills, Mar. 25 at 2pm
April: the international bridge
May: Glassworks, along with the installation of the new glassworks sign
• Other events include:
Doors Open, May 26
Strawberry Social, June
Village Fair, August
Christmas/New Year’s Levee
• Old Stone Church is also celebrating 175 years.
• They had a good experience with the 1812 trunk. Grade 7/8 made a mural to take photos in front of, run by the school.
• For a display at the Village Fair, please contact the Coach House. Free to display, if you are not selling anything ($25 for vendors). Also free wifi.

Jacklyn Brady (Westport)
• Westport Heritage Festival June 16
• Kitchen party at legion
• Artist’s Council, April 7
• The Cove, Buddy Holly, May
• Bicycle parade, July 1
• Music festival, August 18
• Literature event, October

Diane Haskins (Elgin)
• Red Brick School heritage fashion show, June 2
• school visits to the Red Brick School
• Play June 16 (evening) & June 17 (matinee) with dessert bar at Elgin Public School. Play was written by Yvonne Helwig & goes through history of the school in the eyes of two ghosts who move through time. Doug is also in the play! Can buy tickets at next LCHN meeting.

Sue Warren (Rideau Lakes)
• Main goal now is sustain digitization project, Lakes & Islands Times Past

Sue Warren (Delta Mill)
• Mill is planning a flour contest. They will also continue to sell flour.
• Maple sugar festival.
• Museum technology center has been emptied & is now available as community space
• Mill will be open in summer.
• Thanksgiving event

Doug Bond (Bastard & South Burgess)
• Boat trip on the Rideau, August. 8-10 people
• Forfar: postage stamps talk, September, on Sunday afternoon tbd
• Natural History Tour, also in September on Sunday afternoon tbd
• Heritage recipes, by Joyce Gunniewick, October

Doug Bond (Rideau Lakes MHAC)
• Redesigning Portland information kiosk to be more user-friendly, & plan to use QR codes to link to the website & app. Will discuss QR codes with Patrick
• Rideau Lakes has tour app, available on iTunes. Bicycling tour goes into TLTI.
• Working on developing a bike route from Brockville to Rideau Lakes area, as VIA Trains now carry bikes.
• Doug would like to know origins of the name “Furnace Falls” (now Lyndhurst)

Pierre (Doors Open/TLTI MHC)
• Escott Spring Thing, May 26 (Doors Open)
• 8 new sites this year in TLTI alone for Doors Open
• New heritage signs going up in Lyndhurst
• translations of Rockport tours in German & Chinese

Myrtle Johnston (OGS)
• heritage chairs & chair-making, Art Shaw. Mar. 11, 7:30 pm, Brockville Tabernacle Church
• Leeds-Grenville OGS meets on second Monday of every month

Myrtle Johnston (Col. Edward Jessup – UEL)
• annual meeting, April 14, Oak Leaf
• Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/UELAC.Jessup Please like it!
• also be revamping the website
• Athens- installed a plaque at Wiltse Cemetery
• Still working on a book of old homes in Leeds & Grenville. If you know of a house pre-1845, talk to Myrtle to add. Possible check of MHC inventories?

Erika Heesen (LTI Archives)
• Finished current run of workshops, looking to survey groups for suggestions as to next workshops. Molly suggested that some workshops could be repeated.
• The Archives also has a Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/ltiarchives Please like it!
• The Archives did a little video on our accomplishments over the past year, seen here

Patrick McMaster (Lakes & Islands)
• Upcoming new website launch, will include better search & be a resource for teachers & genealogy
• Digitizing is ongoing

Other business:
United Counties is working to develop a Regional Integrated Community Sustainability Plan (ICSP). The four cornerstones of our ICSP are environment, economy, society & culture. Contact info is:
Email: icsp@uclg.on.ca
Project Hotline: 613-342-3840 extension 5367
Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/LeedsGrenvilleICSP

There was a short discussion of putting in bike lanes on township roads. Pierre mentioned that it costs more money upfront, but there is less maintenance. A bicyclist also stops 1.3x more often than drivers.

Next Meeting:
Thursday, April 19 at 2pm in Portland at the Library